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Russia claims to have attacked 389 Ukrainian targets overnight

Russia claims to have attacked 389 Ukrainian targets overnight

Russia’s armed forces attacked 389 Ukrainian targets last night, including 15 weapons and ammunition depots, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on Saturday.

“During the night, artillery units destroyed 389 enemy objectives. Among them, 35 command posts, 41 bastions, 169 concentration areas for soldiers and military teams, 33 artillery positions, as well as 15 stores of rockets and artillery weapons and ammunition,” Konashenkov indicated in his morning report.

On Friday, Russian aerospace forces’ tactical and military operational aviation hit nine military concentration areas, killing more than 20 “nationalists”, four tanks and six armored vehicles, he added.

Missiles hit four Ukrainian military installations, including two command posts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, a rocket launch battery and a radar station.

High-precision missiles hit four ammunition and fuel depots.

Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine on February 24 that has killed about 3,000 civilians, according to the UN, which warns that the real number is likely to be much higher.

The military offensive caused the flight of more than 12 million people, of which more than 5.4 million were out of the country, according to the latest UN data.

The Russian invasion was condemned by the international community in general, which responded by sending weapons to Ukraine and reinforcing economic and political sanctions on Moscow.


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