Russia destroys four Ukrainian planes and four helicopters on Zmiinyi island

Russia’s armed forces destroyed four planes, four helicopters, three drones and a Ukrainian landing aircraft in the last 24 hours near the island of Zmiinyi (Snake) in the Black Sea, the Ministry of Russian Defense.

“In the course of the night, over Zmiinyi Island, Russian air defense assets shot down two more Su-25 bombers and a Ukrainian Air Force Mi-24 helicopter, as well as a Bayraktar-TB2 ‘drone’ in the vicinity of the city of Odessa. “, said Russian army spokesman Igor Konashenkov.

The Russian military command added that during the last day “four Ukrainian planes, four helicopters, including three landing helicopters with troops on board, three Bayraktar-TB2 planes and one landing aircraft were shot down in this area”.

The Russian Defense Ministry has hinted that Ukrainian forces attempted a failed landing on the small island on Saturday afternoon and early this morning.

Several Russian media outlets have suggested that the Ukrainian attack was an attempt to spoil the Victory over Nazi Germany Day celebrations, perhaps the most important official celebration in Russia.

The island, 143 kilometers from the port city, was taken over by the Russian Navy on February 24, the same day that Russia launched its so-called “special military operation” in Ukraine.

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