Russia has almost exhausted its stockpile of Iranian drones, British intelligence says
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These drones can fly several hundred kilometers, circle over the target area for a certain period of time, and then pounce on the target with an explosive. Moscow uses drones as a substitute for precision-guided munitions. British intelligence recalls that drones were generally used only once, not repeatedly.

“Russia is likely to have almost exhausted its current reserves and will be looking for ways to quickly replenish them,” writes British intelligence. He recalls that no drone attacks have been reported since November 17.

In early November, Russia negotiated an agreement with Iran on the production of attack drones on its territory, the Washington Post wrote. Currently, intensive work is underway to get Iran’s drone production up and running within a few months.

“Before the drones start being produced in Russia, Moscow will try to get them abroad more quickly,” the news report said. Iran planned to send more than two hundred Shahid-136, Mohajer-6 and Arash-2 drones to Russia during November.

The Russians will manufacture Iranian drones, massive attacks await Ukraine


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