Russia has infused new blood into NATO

Certainly, Ukraine will not become a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), not even once the war is over. But the military support that the latter has provided since the start of Russian operations on its territory has increased considerably. If Russia does not take control of the whole of Ukraine (which now seems very unlikely precisely because of the help of the member countries of the Alliance), post-war Ukraine will have state-of-the-art weapons thanks to NATO and will work in close collaboration with it.

Conversely, Sweden and Finland could soon become members. In the light of Putin’s war in Ukraine, public opinion and the political classes of these two countries, which until now had been militarily neutral, are now in favor of membership. At the latest in June, we will know if one or both decide to take the plunge and join NATO.

Thus, Vladimir Putin risks achieving the opposite of what he envisioned, namely preventing Ukraine from collaborating closely with NATO and dissuading countries like Finland and Sweden from joining.

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