Gay Parade in Russia 20221124
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the parliament of Russia banned the “LGBT+ propaganda“and other measures to the detriment of sexual diversity, considered a human right. This is a new conservative turn of the government of Vladimir Putin, amid tension over Ukraine’s military counteroffensive.

Although current legislation already restricted the dissemination of topics related to that community, it was intended for children and adolescents. If approved, however, now the ban It will also include adults. regarding what the Russian government considers “gay propaganda” in the media, film, literature and advertising.

In this way, the government of Vladimir Putin committed a new attack against human rights, according to complaints from NGOs. In its rhetoric, the LGTB+ community is considered as part of the “western influence, something that seeks to combat online with Western support for Ukraine.

Russia already has a law against “propaganda” to minors about LGTBQ+ relationships. The new legislation would extend that rule to adults.

Russia banned “gay propaganda”

Gathered in the Duma, this Thursday, November 24, the Russian deputies amends that broaden the scope of a law that prohibits LGBT+ “propaganda”, and that also prohibits “the propaganda of pedophilia and sex change”.

“Any propaganda of non-traditional relationships will have consequences,” Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin said on social media. According to him, the bill “will protect our children and the future of our country from darkness spread by the United States and Europe“.

Although the other one is still missing half penalty of the amendment and the presidential promulgation, the possibility of its approval alerted human rights organizations since they estimate that it will mean the effective prohibition of any demonstration public of the LGTBQ+ community.

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Gay Parade in Russia 20221124
The legislation is intended to ban any mention of what the authorities consider to be “gay propaganda” in the media, film, books and advertising.

Criticism from human rights organizations

sphereone of the most recognized groups in defense of the rights of the LGTBQ + community worldwide, pointed out how “disturbing” it is that the Russian state affirms that LGBT+ people are a Western invention. This was stated by its director, Dilya Gafurova, which also warned of the possible effects of “demonization of a whole group”.

For her part, the European Union, one of Ukraine’s main allies in the war, declared that it “regrets these repressive measures,” according to the statement issued after the half sanction of the regulations. In addition, he considered that in this way in Russia “homophobia will be fed and will reinforce the severe repression of any critical and alternative discourse.”

According to the Duma website, the new legislation would also prohibit “the sale of goods, including foreign ones, that contain prohibited information.” The bill introduces fines up to $165,000 (10 million rubles) for offenders, while the authorities could block websites containing prohibited information.

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Gay Parade in Russia 20221124
A woman present at the Pride march in Russia carries a sign that reads: “Stop homophobia in Russia”.

Vladimir Putin, the guarantor of “straight” Russia

The powerful Vladimir Putin, who reformed the Magna Carta in order to remain in power until at least 2036, has spent years presenting himself as the embodiment of the traditional christian valuesas opposed to Western liberal values.

This rhetoric has been reinforced since he began his “military operation” in Ukraine on February 24, in order to bolster Russia’s internal morale in the face of a common enemy, and leading to an unprecedented repression in the country.

Secondly, the new conservative turn of the russian government has a direct impact on russian film production companies and book publishers, who fear that “they will not receive a distribution certificate” if they are considered “promoters” of the ideals of the LGTB+ community.

Meanwhile, the activist Dilya Gafurova asked the authorities not to use the LGTB+ community “as an instrument of ideological confrontation.” “We just are, there is nothing wrong with us and nothing that should be silenced,” she said, assuring that it is impossible to “take our voice away.”


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