“We are ready to work with the UN to prevent any undesirable impact of our sanctions on world food security”Borrell assured in an article published on his official blog.

The head of European diplomacy denounced “Russia’s conscious political choice to ‘militarize’ cereal exports and use them as a blackmail tool against anyone who opposes its aggression” in Ukraine.

If Ukrainian exports by boat are not resumed, “a global food catastrophe” could occur, Borrell warned.


“Russia turned the Black Sea into a war zone, blocking grain and fertilizer shipments from Ukraine (…) and also applies quotas and taxes to its own grain exports”he pointed.

According to the European official, the sanctions imposed by the bloc do not prohibit Russia from exporting grain, as long as the sanctioned persons or entities are not involved in the operations.

“We are fully aware that there is a ‘battle of stories’ on this issue” of sanctions, he admitted.

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