Russia-Ukraine conflict: Biden called "Butcher" Putin and the Kremlin told him to calm down

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, assured that his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin cannot remain in power. The US president called Putin a “butcher” and warned Moscow not to think about advancing on NATO territory. Russia for its part said that insults from Washington will not help improve relations between the Kremlin and the White House. The Russian army maintained a siege on cities in northern and western Ukraine, according to Ukrainian authorities.

I followed live the minute by minute of the war between Russia and Ukraine

“Butcher” and “criminal”

From the Polish capital, the US head of state raised the tone of his criticism against the Kremlin and pointed out that Putin cannot remain in power. “Russia has strangled democracy and has tried to do it in other places, not only in its homeland. Under false claims of ethnic solidarity, it invalidated neighboring nations. Putin has the nerve to say that he is ‘denazifying Ukraine’. It’s a lie. He is just cynical. He knows. And he is also obscene,” Biden claimed in Warsaw.

“For God’s sake, this man can’t stay in power,” Biden noted during the closing of his visit to Poland, where he made strong claims against the Russian government. The White House chief also spoke directly to Putin. “Don’t even think about advancing a single inch into NATO territory.” In recent days, however, the head of Washington diplomacy, Antony Blinken, said that this was not about regime change.. “The Russian people have to decide who they want to lead it,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in early March.

Although the US president ratified his country’s commitment to the defense of the countries of the North Atlantic Treaty and stressed that Since Ukraine is not a NATO member, US forces in Europe will not come into conflict with Russian forces. On the other hand, he took aim at Russia’s argument about denazifying Ukraine because “President (Volodimir) Zelensky was democratically elected, he is Jewish and his father’s family was annihilated in the Nazi Holocaust”. The head of the White House called Putin “criminal” and earlier after meeting with Ukrainian refugees in Poland called him a “butcher”

Pentagon Support

On the Kremlin’s statements about the fulfillment of the main goals of the “first stage of the operation, Biden said he’s not sure Russia has changed strategy. The president also met with Ukraine’s foreign and defense ministers, Dmytro Kuleba and Oleksiy Reznikov, respectively. The meeting was also attended by the Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, and the Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin. The US delegation promised continued support to meet humanitarian, security and economic needs in the face of the invasion.

For his part, the Ukrainian Defense Minister assured in a tweet that the meeting with this large delegation from the United States will allow “searching for practical solutions in the political and defense spheres, to strengthen Ukraine’s ability to fight against Russian aggression.” .

Kuleba also assured that the United States has no objections to Poland giving it combat aircraft to face the Russian invasion, although previously the Pentagon had rejected that proposal. “The United States has no objection to the transfer of aircraft. Therefore, the ball is now in Poland’s court,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said in a letter sent to the AFP news agency.

Biden then visited his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda, before whom he reaffirmed that article five of the NATO treaty, which stipulates that the attack against a member country of the alliance is an attack against the entire pact, constitutes a “sacred commitment” for the United States. . While Duda assured that the relations between Poland and the United States will be “immensely strengthened” by the visit of the American president.

“A leader must remain calm”

The Russian government, for its part, pointed out that Biden’s insults to Putin reduce the possibility of improving relations between Washington and Moscow. “A leader must remain calm,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov said after Biden called Putin a “butcher” after meeting with Ukrainian refugees in Poland.

“And of course those personal insults reduce the opportunity to improve our bilateral relations. You have to be aware of this.”Peskov noted “After all, he is the man who once demanded, speaking on television in his country, that Yugoslavia be bombed. Exactly, bombing of Yugoslavia. He demanded to kill people,” Peskov said. “Therefore, of course, it is at least strange to hear such a thing from him.”

Peskov also said that it is not up to Biden to decide who should be in power in Russia.“That’s not for Biden to decide. The president of Russia is chosen by the Russians,” Peskov told Reuters on Saturday, when asked to comment on Biden’s remarks in Warsaw.

War: fighting and blockade

Ukrainian authorities reported heavy fighting in the north and west of the country. The mayor of Chernigov, Vladislav Atroshenko, denounced that some 200 people had been killed since the beginning of the Russian attacks on the city. “It has been completely destroyed,” he lamented. Before the Russian invasion, the border town with Belarus had a population of 285 thousand people, currently only half still live in Chernigov. cut in half. According to Atroshenko, the city is without power and it is impossible to leave it because Russian forces destroyed a bridge that links the town with kyiv. “We are deciding how to get the seriously injured out by any means. We cannot operate on them locally,” he said, adding that some 44 people, both military and civilian, needed medical attention.

To the west of the country, the Lviv authorities reported three new explosions near the city. Shortly before a missile attack left five wounded. The head of the military administration of the province of Lviv, Maksym Kozytsky, confirmed this second attack, although he did not provide further details and asked the population to remain in shelters. Lviv is located about 80 kilometers from the border with Poland and receives a large part of the refugees who come from Ukraine.

While in Mariupol, the port besieged by Russian troops for its access to the Sea of ​​Azov, local media denounced the massive deportation of doctors and patients who were sheltering in the basement of a hospital in the port city. Local sources reported the arrest of some 700 people, of whom an unspecified number was deported to an unknown address. From the Zelensky government they warned that for the population of Mariúpol there are no safe humanitarian corridors to evacuate their citizens.

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