Russia worried about US plans to send rocket launch system to Ukraine

Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoli Antonov on Tuesday expressed concern about US plans to send a multiple rocket launch system mounted on a light armored vehicle to Ukraine.

Antonov stressed that these plans only confirm that the Americans have no intention of contributing to “a peaceful solution”.

The diplomat also noted that the statements by US Assistant Secretary of Defense Colin Kahl about the possibility of increasing supplies of High Mobility Rocket Artillery Systems to Ukraine are extremely worrying and reveal Washington’s direction towards a greater climb.

“The fact that a senior Pentagon official sees the possibility of expanding long-range system supplies is cause for extreme concern. This observation can be seen as Washington’s intention to move towards further escalation. It only confirms that the Americans have no intention of seeking a peaceful solution,” Antonov said.

In the early hours of February 24, Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine, which was condemned by a large part of the international community, which responded by sending weapons to Ukraine and imposing sanctions on Russia.


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