Russian gamers condemn cyberbullying against other players
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The VK Play playground shared the results of its own research on the attitude of Russian gamers to the problem of cyberbullying. The sample was compiled based on an online survey of 1,700 Russian users aged 15 to 54 who played at least once in the past month on PC, mobile devices or consoles.

Most often, players on the PC platform face cyberbullying – 70%. Console gamers are slightly less likely to deal with this unpleasant phenomenon – 64%, and mobile gamers least of all – 61%. A third of the respondents have a neutral attitude towards manifestations of Internet bullying in their direction, 32% experience unpleasant feelings from insults addressed to themselves.

For the most part, Russian gamers condemn cyberbullying against other players. A third of respondents regularly experience “Spanish shame” about this, after they witness cyberbullying against other gamers on the Web, 28% of respondents are unpleasant to watch this, the same percentage of respondents react neutrally to insults of other players.

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