Russian soldier fled to Spain will testify about war crimes in Ukraine
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Russian soldier Nikita Chibrin, who has fled to Spain In search of political asylum, he is willing to testify about the alleged war crimes committed by the Russian Army during its current military campaign, according to the organization

Chibrin, who was helped by that human rights organization to take refuge in Spain“accepted to cooperate with the Justice and will testify before the special department for the fight against genocide that investigates war crimes,” according to the platform on its Telegram channel.

When communicating through social networks with the director of, Vladimir Osechkin, Chibrin highlighted the “warm treatment” given by the Spanish authorities.

“Nikita has been given the first Spanish documents (…). Europe. Democracy. Compassion”, Osechkin added.

ChibrinThe 27-year-old was part of the 64th Independent Motorized Brigade, which kyiv accuses of committing war crimes in March during its control of the town of Bucha, north of kyiv.

The Russian soldier, who enlisted in the Army in 2021, told his commander that he was not willing to fight as soon as he found himself in Ukraine on February 24, the start date of the “special military operation”.

He admits that he was not an eyewitness to the murders or rapes of Ukrainian civilians, although he assures that he did hear his colleagues talk about it.

He also witnessed acts of vandalism and looting by the Russian military, who stole a large number of household appliances and electronic equipment during his stay in the neighboring country.

Chibrin He affirms that there are many Russian soldiers who wanted to desert, but did not do so because their superiors threatened to shoot them.

He managed to leave his unit on June 16, when he was not far from the city of Izium, in the eastern region of Kharkiv, according to the online newspaper Meduza.

At the time, the Russian president, Vladimir Putindescribed as “falsification” the denunciations of war crimes in Bucha, where the Ukrainian authorities exhumed numerous corpses with signs of violence.

Also, putin Last April, it decorated said brigade with the honorary title of “Guard” for “its heroism and courage” on the battlefield.

Since the beginning of the military intervention in Ukraine, Russia has committed a total of 46,432 war crimes, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office recently reported.

Russia He has also denounced the abuses and execution of Russian prisoners of war at the hands of the Ukrainian Army.

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