Russian troops disposed of another Polish self-propelled guns AHS Krab in Ukraine
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Judging by the photo that appeared, the self-propelled guns were completely destroyed by an internal explosion of ammunition. Her deformed hull was badly burned, the turret fell apart into its component parts, and road wheels, drive wheels and caterpillar tracks were scattered on different sides of the sides.

It is assumed that one of the Lancets got into the NATO “gift”. It is precisely such ultra-precise loitering ammunition that massively utilizes various weapons and equipment of the neo-Banderists.

If we talk about Polish self-propelled guns, then out of eighteen units, at least three were destroyed. These are only confirmed cases.

AHS Krab are a kind of hybrid of British, German, South Korean and Polish technologies.

The 155-mm gun has a maximum firing range of active-reactive ammunition up to 40,000 meters.

It was reported that along with modern weapons, those that have expired are also used. For example, we wrote about the American M107 shells, made in the 60s and supplied by Italy. Rate of fire – six shots per minute.

In terms of its body, the Polish vehicle is unified with the K9 Thunder. Engine power – 1000 hp Highway speed – 67 km / h. Fuel range – 400 km. Combat weight – 48000 kg. Crew – five soldiers. It was reported that Kyiv ordered about six dozen more of these self-propelled guns.

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