Russians burned the bodies of their fallen in landfills, it made us sick, people from Kherson testify
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During the summer, when the Russian occupation of the region was at its peak, Russian soldiers turned the once ordinary landfill into a restricted zone, where nosy-seekers could enter, locals say. The reason was supposed to be that the Russians were burning the bodies of dead comrades in the dump.

“Every time our army shelled Russian positions, they came with bodies and garbage together. They just dumped the bodies and threw garbage on them,” one of the local employees told the Guardian. However, his words cannot be verified and the Ukrainian authorities have not commented on the situation.

Whether the bodies of the dead belonged to soldiers or civilians, the man was unable to judge. “I have been fighting in this war since 2014, I was in Donbas. The less you know, the better you sleep,” he quoted a Ukrainian saying.

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The war in Ukraine

“They didn’t even allow us to go near the landfill where they burned the bodies. One day my husband and I arrived at the wrong time when they were doing their ‘work’ here. My husband was hit in the face with a stick by them. I didn’t see the remains, they burned everything,” Svyatlana Viktorivnová told the Guardian.

The smell of burnt flesh and hair

Even other local residents did not actually see the bodies. “But whatever they did, it stank. Like rotten meat. And the smoke was really thick,” said the driver working at the landfill.

“It made me sick,” confirmed 60-year-old Olesja Kokorinová. “It smelled like burnt hair. Or like when you’re at the dentist and they drill your tooth. The neighboring building could not be seen through the smoke,” she added.

According to Natalie, who was standing next to Olesya, the smell was so strong that it was not even possible to open the balcony. “Some days you just couldn’t breathe,” she described.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said a month ago that 6,000 Russian soldiers had died in Ukraine. According to Western news sources, the real number of dead or wounded Russians is approximately 80,000 soldiers. According to the Pentagon, Ukrainians also show similar numbers.

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