Russians will manufacture Iranian drones
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The deal was negotiated in Iran in early November. He assumes that Russian specialists will travel to Iran to ensure the logistics of transporting machinery and technology. Ensuring production on its own territory should help Russia obtain a large number of relatively cheap and effective drones.

According to information from Western intelligence services, Russia has deployed around 400 Shahid-136 drones in Ukraine. These drones can fly several hundred kilometers, circle over the target area for a certain period of time, and then pounce on the target with an explosive.

The Russian military is using drones to attack Ukraine’s energy infrastructure. Moscow uses drones as a substitute for precision-guided munitions. With its own production, Russia could expand its attacks.

Ukrainian intelligence claims that Iran supplied drones to Russia even after February 24, the beginning of the invasion. “The propeller of the Mohajer-6 drone was manufactured only in February of this year. Just made. And then you need to take into account the time required for delivery to the Russian Federation,” Ukrainian intelligence wrote on Facebook.

Iran has only recently confirmed previous claims by Kiev and the West about supplying Iranian drones to Russia, but according to Iranian diplomacy, Tehran did so only before the start of the war.

The Russians are waiting for the delivery of more Iranian drones and ballistic missiles

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