Russia's threat to Poland in the face of the increase in NATO forces on its territory

Russia will give a proportional and adequate response to the increase in the forces of the NATO in Polanddeclared the director of the Third European Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Oleg Tiápkin.

“We cannot and will not watch impassively the increase in the forces of the NATO in Poland. As always, the response will be proportional and adequate, aimed at neutralizing potential threats to the security of Russiahe stated in an interview with the Russian agency Interfax.

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Polandwhich he hopes to achieve from the next summit of the NATO in Madrid more support for the Russian military campaign in Ukrainehas had combat groups from the Atlantic Alliance since 2017, with a contingent of more than 10,000 soldiers from Western countries.

Tyapkin recalled that “long before the Maidan in kyiv in 2014, which became the trigger that activated the spiral of tragic events in Ukrainethe successive governments of Polandregardless of their political color, increasingly insisted on ‘strengthening the eastern flank of the NATO‘”.

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Something, he pointed out, that included the placement of contingents of the Atlantic Alliance in its territory.

“Really, relations between Russia and Poland have never been so tense in all of modern history. And they’re not like that because of us.” said.

The diplomat did not rule out the possibility of a reduction in diplomatic relations or even the rupture of these, but assured that Russia He won’t be the one to cause this.

“Naturally, we will orient ourselves based on the current situation,” he said.

According to Tyapkin, “Poland is a rabid promoter of crude sanctions pressure against Russia and of the rupture not only of political contacts, but of economic and even cultural ones”.

He denounced that an aggressive Russophobic campaign has been unleashed in the Polish media.

“In recent times, Warsaw has taken a series of unfriendly steps, including the massive and unjustified expulsion of Russian diplomats in March this year,” he recalled.

The Russian diplomat underlined Moscow’s conviction that “in our bilateral relations with Poland there are no problems without a solution.”

“We have regularly conveyed this simple idea to our partners in Warsaw, emphasizing that a little more common sense and a little less ideological prejudice is enough for things to improve little by little,” he observed.

However, he lamented that since 2012 “our Polish colleagues have shown absolute deafness in the face of this approach and have headed towards the total dismantling of the entire infrastructure of relations built over many years.”

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