Sabrina Carballo asked Jesica Cirio for a strange apology after implying that she charged for sex

After his scandalous passage through The Hotel of the Famous (the thirteen), Sabrina Carballo was in the eye of the storm for a video in which he said terrible things about Jessica Cirio. As a result of this, the driver of Morfi’s rock (phone) warned that he would initiate legal action.

Since then she did not speak more about the subject, but this Saturday in dialogue with Catalina Dlugi (The Eleven Ten) he slipped out a strange request for apology.

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Asked if Cirio had taken legal action against her, the actress replied: “No, no, no… Anyway, I prefer not to talk, because I disrespected her at the time… There was none of that. None of that happened.”

Sabrina Carballo made a strange mea culpa for her statements about Jésica Cirio

Then he added: “I prefer not to talk about it because my manners were not correct when talking about a person I did not name…I wasn’t even talking about that person. But everything happened because I was talking about a person and it was like I disrespected and I feel that I disrespected it, too. And I feel that to continue talking about this is to continue missing it and it is not the idea.

Regarding the possibility of contacting the driver, he said: “I would have loved to talk to her and be able to clarify things, but, beyond the fact that I was not talking about that person, at the time I wanted to do everything as a neighborhood good and call her , but everyone told me not to do it, because they could record the conversation”.

After being involved in a sexual anecdote, Jésica Cirio responded with this publication.  (Photo: Instagram / jessicacirio).
After being involved in a sexual anecdote, Jésica Cirio responded with this publication. (Photo: Instagram / jessicacirio).

By way of mea culpa, he maintained: “I said things I shouldn’t have said and that’s clear… I am ashamed of others, beyond the fact that I was not talking about that person…”.

“But that’s it, it was in the middle of a pandemic, I was with friends, we had had, I think, two bottles of wine and we were half tufted. We were relaxed because we were ten or twenty friends. I was not aware that I should not speak like that, that I am a public person. That live ended, I deleted it and that’s it. I never imagined that someone was going to record it, that they were going to put it on their networks, that they were going to show it on a television program two years later, ”she remarked by way of justification.

Regarding the end and closing the issue, he assured: “Obviously I am totally sorry. I’m not one to talk like that about people. It wasn’t right for him to talk like that about a woman”.

What Sabrina Carballo said about Jésica Cirio

Sabrina Carballo explained that I had a model friend who was dating a representative of soccer players. “One day we were in a restaurant. My friend’s boyfriend comes and I ask him why she was late, we had already eaten. He tells us ‘because I had to accompany my friend to take the money to…’, she said, avoiding his name. In the middle of the story he launched: “I think the wine made me sick”.

“The friend of this player representative has a friend who gave a gift for his son, when he turned 18, gave him a night with this girl. They had paid $20,000.he pointed.

The actress was dispatched with some explosive statements in an Instagram live (Photo: Instagram / hoteldefamosos – jesicacirio).

And that’s when he started with the derogatory comments: “What I used to say is: ‘this girl has an eye… divine, but she’s not a pretty girl’. She is all operated. She was always the Muppet pig. I’ve known her since she was a girl. There are mines that are beautiful, why pay for this bagarto? She was paid 20 thousand dollars because she was known, nothing more”.

I was there Polish Darkowner of the INK bowling alley and businessman, who was reading the chat and confirmed: “Yes… Jessica Cirio. Right there they said Jesica Cirio”. “You don’t know how much money you haveyou don’t know”, remarked the actress with a transformed face because the identity had been revealed.

I didn’t say any namesI don’t know who we’re talking about”, he ignored, while having a glass of wine.

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