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San Cayetano: the history of the Patron Saint of bread and work

San Cayetano.

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Not even the pandemic stopped the followers of San Cayetano: in 2020, in full isolation, the virtual modality to witness the main mass or follow the celebration through a day of prayer that was shared through social networks. While last year the image of the saint was on display throughout August to avoid the crowds of a single day. There were lines that exceeded 600 meters.

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Ignatius Petunichi

San Cayetano is the saint most revered by Argentines?

“Although in our sales ranking, San Cayetano is in the post seventhe week prior to August 7, it is noted that the date of its celebration is approaching because sales rise -approximately a twenty%– of accessories and complements with the image of the saint”, counted samantha schnabelcreative director of Hail Reginathe first gift brand in Argentina with emotional value, also recognized for its characteristic designs of patron saints.

According to Schnabel, the love for San Cayetano seems to go in increasesince the sales expectation for this year is a 10% more than in 2021.

According to Schnabel, the clamor of the Argentines for the figure of the saint is noted: “San Cayetano is one of the first saints that we illustrate at the request of our clientsat the end of 2014, and we feel very proud to be able to carry it out because its symbology and what it represents is very important”.

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From Salve Regina -said the creative director- “we seek that people can undertake with us, we seek to generate work and we are excited to receive messages of thanks from those who have their businesses and are motivated to grow. Without a doubt we feel very close to what promotes faith in San Cayetano”.

The brand states that for some years they made a special product for the day of San Cayetano, but in general they opt for do not mix promotions and discounts with such spiritual dates. Therefore, although he is not in the top 3 of the most wanted Saints, San Cayetano is, without a doubt, one of the Patrons most loved by Argentines.


Damian Dopacio / NA

Salve Regina is an Argentine family business that was born in the 2012. For three years it has been exporting to the southern cone with the idea of reach the whole world. He currently has his own production factorymore than 1,000 resellersthree gondolas in the most important malls in the country and presence in Ecuador.

It specializes in selling accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, rosaries, wallets, backpacks, key chains, among others. They also have items for sale. decoration, bazaar, personal care, bookstore, books, aromas, candles and souvenirs.

Its growth continues to be exponential, but without forgetting the mission of Salve Regina: “Being present at important moments in people’s lives, offering innovative products that convey values, tenderness and joy”.

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