Table Binational Games San Luis 2022
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The San Luis delegation had a notable participation in the San Luis 2022 Binational Games that were held in various locations in the province. The boys and girls got on the podium and broke a historical record.

Total, San Luis collected 47 medals and was in 3rd place among the participating delegations. Metropolitana won the general medal table and Mendoza was second.

It should be mentioned that, yesWell, Córdoba obtained more medals than any delegationLike in the Olympic Games The delegation that obtains the most gold medals wins. Therefore, the following results:

Table Binational Games San Luis 2022 (El Diario de la República /)

The record of the San Luis delegation in the Binational Games

The 47 medals obtained during this week left behind the record of 42 medals obtained in 2021.

In athletics, the track athletes were consolidated as those who contributed the most medals to the medal table, with 21 in total. Thus, they won their sport for the second consecutive year in these Binational Games.

Bruno De Genaro, the talented runner from jarilla, in his last binational function he gave 4 golds to San Luis.

Another of the great achievements was that of the Villegas twins from Villa Mercedes, who won a gold and a silver medal in the long jump. The gold went to Tomás and the silver to his brother Lucas, who established themselves as enormous protagonists of the team.

St. Louis Track Girls.

St. Louis Track Girls. (ANSL/)

St. Louis Track Boys

The Saint Louis Athletics Boys (ANSL/)

St. Louis Men’s Basketball

The team from San Luis got the silver medal after falling in the final 73-62 against Córdoba. The bronze went to Mendoza, who beat San Juan 66-49.

Men's Basketball, St. Louis

Men’s basketball, San Luis (ANSL /)

St. Louis Men’s and Women’s Handball

Handball, which had already made history by reaching the finals in both branches, could not overcome the powerful Mendoza with whom they fell 31-19 in women’s and 33-17 in men’s. Nevertheless, He got two silver medals that set the bar high for what’s to come.

Saint Louis Tennis

The San Luis men’s tennis team, with Santiago Cavalie, Valentín Lagos and Stefano Camilli, achieved bronze after defeating Metropolitana this Thursday at noon by 2 games to 1.

tennis, st louis

Tennis, St. Louis (ANSL/)

St. Louis Volleyball

Finally, volleyball in its two branches fell in the matches for the bronze medal against Mendoza in women and against Córdoba in men, on the ULP Campus and in both cases they finished in 4th place. Although they did not win any medals, they closed an excellent turnout.

Men's volleyball, San Luis.

Men’s volleyball, San Luis. (ANSL/)

Other disciplines of the girls and boys of San Luis

In addition, the Puntanos competed in cycling, table tennis Y swimmingobtaining different medals and closing a spectacular participation, leaving San Luis on the podium of the Binational Games.

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