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Sandra Arroyo Salgado, federal judge of San Isidro, participated in Talk about something else, The program hosted by Pablo Sirvén on LN+, once again referred to the death of his ex-partner, the prosecutor Alberto Nisman, and assured: “There was a very complicated environment around.”

During the program, he questioned the statements of the Buenos Aires Security Minister, Sergio Berni, who had delegitimized the expertise of the Gendarmerie, which recreated the conditions of the violent death of the prosecutor. The Buenos Aires official said that it was “an antics”, but regarding this, the judge indicated that – although he denies it – “an interdisciplinary expert opinion is proof.” Arroyo Salgado was blunt towards the Buenos Aires Minister of Security: “’It’s a joke’ is a description that speaks more of Berni”. And he added: “It underestimates what is in the investigation. She certainly does not have access to the file ”. Also, he insisted that in that case “from day one the federal courts should have intervened.”

Lately, she was also in the middle of another controversy after being separated “in a very striking way” from the case in which she was investigating the possible links between the prosecutor Claudio Scapolán and drug trafficking, by identifying her lawyers as former collaborators of Cristian Ritondo, when she was at the head of Buenos Aires security during the government of María Eugenia Vidal. “It is not my will to harm anyone’s political and professional career -Arroyo Salgado defended himself-, but they assumed a defense that is linked to an illegal association.”

Despite having gone through difficult situations, in addition to the Nisman case, she assured that she never felt conditioned. “I received very serious threats from someone who was later arrested with a drug shipment,” she said. At another time, she expressed concern about the advance of drug trafficking. “In the last time he reached the three powers of the State.”

The magistrate opened the doors of her house in the northern area of ​​Greater Buenos Aires to LN+ to review different issues related to Justice, today placed in the pillory for different reasons from the ruling party. “They make statements and assessments that do not correspond to them; it is a power that does not have enough independence,” she said.

Arroyo Salgado felt drawn to the legal profession from the age of ten, perhaps because she was an involuntary witness to the long dissolution of her parents’ marriage. “They had a very controversial divorce; That marked me a lot, ”she revealed. She was, she remembers, seven brave years. She acknowledges that she loved watching the American series Petrocelli and that she also contributed to her embracing the law.

It has been 32 years since his life passed through the Courts. Before serving as a judge, she was an advocate. She also worked for a time in the Legislative Branch, but never in the Executive.

If he has to look for a starting point for the deterioration of Justice, Arroyo Salgado does not doubt it: “The moral decline of Justice occurs with the Menemista government.” And he adds that since then “federal justice began to be very dependent on political power.”

She also admits that if she had not been a lawyer she would have liked to be a journalist. “Journalism fulfills a very important function. We need ethical, serious and responsible journalism”. But she also sees lights and shadows in the task of reporting. “Many times journalism investigations contribute, but they also condition the work of officials and lawyers,” she says regarding when the press goes ahead and discloses a fact that may favor defendants or defendants who are investigated in a file. .

And he criticizes himself: “The discredit of the judiciary is unquestionable; We have a Judiciary that is in crisis.” Along these lines, he disagreed with the current formation of the Supreme Court of Justice: “We have a Court that does not meet the gender quota or federal representation,” he said, although he does not endorse the expansion sought by the ruling party either, first to bring their number to 25 members and then to 15. “It seems excessive to me,” he said. “Ideally, there should be authentic federal representation and that gender issues be met,” he insisted.

The ex-wife of Alberto Nisman, with whom he had his two daughters, and who the Justice determined was murdered in January 2015, stresses that “personally it was terrible, it was learning a lot of things all at once. He taught me to instill in my daughters to value the moments and live them with intensity. As a judge, she made me realize those mistakes in my career.”

Let’s talk about something else is broadcast on Saturdays, at 10 p.m., on LN+


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