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Santa Fe: a soccer player was shot in the leg while training with his team

After being shot, the soccer player was taken to Cullen Hospital.  (Photo: Santa Fe City Council)

A 36-year-old footballer received the stray bullet impact in one leg while he was training at the club he plays for, in the city of Santa Fe.

Gonzalo Galvan, player of Santa Rosa de Limaa team from the First B of the League of that province, was exercising on the property located in Mendoza and Lamadrid, in the Roma neighborhood of the capital of Santa Fe, when he was injured,

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After the bullet, he was taken to Cullen Hospital, where they found that he had a gunshot wound to the left thigh area. After being treated, He was discharged and is recovering at home..

After being shot, the soccer player was taken to Cullen Hospital. (Photo: Santa Fe City Council)

“We were training when we started to feel the whistle of bullets and two or three of them hit the plates. They were enough so we thought about going to the locker room, just in case,” said Galván.

“At that moment, I felt something hit me and I lifted my leg. I touched myself and felt blood. There I realized that a bullet had entered me on the back of the thigh. they couldn’t get it outso we hope that this does not bring me any other complications, “he added.

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The soccer player, however, was grateful, since the projectile only hit him: “Thank God it hit me, I’m bigger, and not the boys who were training before, who were the children between 9 and 12 years, because we could have been talking about a tragedy”.

When asked if these types of episodes were frequent, he said yes, “but never like this, with someone hurt”.

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“The shots feel, we can even make jokesbut the reality is that what happened yesterday was something else, there were like 10 detonations. The neighbors said that the shooting occurred in the vicinity of the square in the Santa Rosa de Lima neighborhood and to get to the club, they have a journey of almost 300 meters, with houses and people in the middle, “he added.

“Shootings are commonplace”

Ana Leiva, a member of the board of directors of the Deportivo Santa Rosa club, stated: “Everything happened when the women’s soccer girls finished their practice and the First Division team began, when the club was full of people”.

On the other hand, he remarked: “The injured player’s companions they felt the whistle of the bullets that came from outside. It wasn’t just one, it was a shooting on a piece of land where there is an abandoned construction site, a place that the neighborhood bandits also use as a holding area and where shootings are common”.

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