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Santa Fe Klan happily shares their baby’s ultrasound with Maya Nazor

Santa Fe Klan happily shares their baby's ultrasound with Maya Nazor

Mexico.- Angel Jair Quesada Jasso better known as Santa Fe Klan He is in the clouds, because in a few months he will be a father and he wanted to share that happiness with his thousands of followers.

Recently, the rapper shared an ultrasound photo of little Luka, the baby boy waiting next to Maya Nazar.

Santa Fe Klan shares photo of her partner with her baby. Photo: Special.

As part of a congratulations to his partner, the rapper shared this beautiful message:

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Happy day to the most beautiful mom in the whole world. Congratulations my güerita, I love you forever, and I will always be with you even if sometimes I have to be away, “he wrote and accompanied the video with his song “Eres”, a song he had just released to celebrate mothers.

In the video Maya is on the stretcher showing off her belly, while through the devices you can see the first images of Luka’s silhouette.

Also, the rapper shared his latest production dedicated to mothers, which had a great reception among all his followers.

In this note:
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