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(Photo: Maximiliano Luna).

The Buenos Aires national deputy for the Front of All, Leander Santorocelebrated President Alberto Fernández’s tour of Europe this Sunday, which will begin this Monday, because “all the things he did” in his previous tours “have brought good results” and compared it with the trips that were made during the government of Mauricio Macriwhich “did not solve any underlying problem”, but rather served to “fall into the IMF and get us into debt”.

“I calm down seeing Alberto in Europe, because so far all the things he has done have brought him good results for our country,” Santoro said in dialogue with Radio 10.

And he reviewed President Fernández’s tours during his tenure as President of the Nation to date: “Alberto’s trips were at first the search for markets for Argentina. Then the search for vaccines, then the support to negotiate with the IMF and now to increase export capacity of our economy and improve the competitiveness of our companies, opening new markets and agreements”.

The President begins a new tour

President Alberto Fernandez will depart at 5 p.m. monday from the Ezeiza airport on an Aerolineas Argentinas charter flight, accompanied by the Foreign Minister santiago cafiero; the Secretary of International Economic Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cecilia Todeca; and the spokeswoman Gabriela Cerutias part of the entourage confirmed so far.

He will travel to Europe to begin a brief tour of Spain and Germanywhere, according to what was reported to Télam by official sources, the Argentine president will hold a new bilateral meeting on Tuesday with the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, who was in Buenos Aires in June of last year; and he too will meet the king Philip VI.

Meanwhile, between Wednesday and Thursday, Alberto Fernández will be received in Germany by Olaf Scholzthe Social Democrat who months ago replaced Angela Merkel in the German government.

“The most important thing is that we are looking for solutions for all Argentines. These are not protocol trips. In addition to building prestige in the world, solutions are built,” added Deputy Santoro.

In addition, he pointed to former president Mauricio Macri, that “we saw him around the world and it served him to fall into the deep end and get us into debt,” and pointed out that on those trips “employment was not generated, our country’s exports did not improve and we did not resolve no underlying problem.

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