save and rebuild
Photo: Jose Manuel Correa

The gas leak explosion at the Saratoga hotel changed the lives of many people: plans shattered, family photos that will never be complete, nights in which you can’t sleep due to fear or pain, hugs that will only remain in the memory.

Also there, between the dust and the stones, the rescuers have seen their daily life change, they have done no higher in their task than to feed themselves and calm their loved ones. They do not cease in the committed effort to try to snatch a breath, at least, from death, or recover the bodies that deserve a farewell.

To the surroundings of the fateful site comes a town that has dried its tears with the iron purpose of helping, to bring a sip of coffee, a snack, a word of encouragement to those who move debris, or to say goodbye to some belongings that will now calm the needs of those left with nothing.

Along with those waiting for encouraging or enlightening news, there are, almost non-stop, the press teams, to publicize –although moved to the marrow- the progress in the rescue efforts.

In hospitals, heroes in white coats fight uncertain battles against injuries of all kinds. They have won many! Over 90!

The day to day in the new schools that have welcomed the students of the Concepción Arenal primary school, damaged in the incident, has changed for the better. With open arms, my friends and new teachers make them forget the midday of last May 6th.

In other places you can also breathe the hospitality of those born in this land, that feeling of protecting and reaching out. Today, the villages that house the evacuated families are spaces to heal, little by little, the wounds of the Saratoga.

Cubans, overwhelmed by the shudder of loss, overcome, surrender and rebuild, from love, a new dawn.

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