Saveiro was destroyed after hitting the trailer wheel.  (Photo: Rádio Caçula)
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The pickup’s engine was torn off; driver was transferred to Santa Casa in Campo Grande

By Ana Paula Chuva | 11/23/2022 2:20 pm

Saveiro was destroyed after hitting the trailer wheel. (Photo: Rádio Caçula)

A 27-year-old driver, identified as Roberto Carlos de Castilho, was in serious condition after an accident on the BR-262, on the border between Mato Grosso do Sul and São Paulo, in Três Lagoas, a city 327 kilometers from Campo Grande. The victim was driving a Saveiro that was destroyed after hitting a truck.

The accident happened on Tuesday night (22). The driver of the truck was traveling along the highway and the vehicle aquaplaned after passing through a puddle of water. He lost control of the steering and hit the cart wheel.

With the impact of the collision, the pickup’s engine was torn off and the driver was trapped in the hardware. Teams from the Fire Department and Samu (Mobile Emergency Care Service) were called and Roberto was taken to Hospital Auxiliadora, in Três Lagoas.

The boy suffered fractures in his arm, jaw and nose bones, in addition to a lot of bleeding. Due to the seriousness of the injuries, he ended up being transferred to Santa Casa de Campo Grande, where he will undergo surgery. The truck driver did not suffer any injuries.

Part of the Saveiro's engine and one of its wheels, torn off during the crash.  (Photo: Rádio Caçula)
Part of the engine and one of the wheels of the Saveiro, torn off during the collision. (Photo: Rádio Caçula)

(With information from Rádio Caçula).

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