Carolin Konrad (29) from Leipzig is one of 19 singles around the new "Princess Charming" court.

Saxon Caro about the new “Princess Charming” Hanna: “Holy Shit, she has short hair!”

By Nico Zeissler

Leipzig – Second round “Princess Charming“! The dating show for queer women will start its second season next Tuesday on RTL+ Hanna Sokeland (28) Then Carolin Konrad (29) from Leipzig also tried, who spoke exclusively with TAG24 about the first impression of the Princess, her abandoned professional sports career, but also a bad attack on her person.

Carolin Konrad (29) from Leipzig is one of 19 singles competing for the new “Princess Charming”. © RTL

“I’ve always wanted to take part in such a format,” says the 29-year-old, who has had four relationships of a maximum of four and a half years. “But back then there was nothing for women and I was always in a relationship.”

With the impetus of a friend, the Leipzig resident applied for this year’s season and was accepted! “It was the coolest decision I could possibly have ever made.”

Under the Greek sun, Caro is looking for a woman with bite and humor, “who knows exactly where she wants to go, but also knows where she currently stands. She should also have goals in life, burn for something and not just in her bubble Life.”

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In doing so, she “under no circumstances” wants to rule out the possibility of flirting or even sex with another candidate. With 18 interesting competitors and daily parties, the biggest challenge will be “not starting anything with anyone in the house.” The main thing is tummy tingles and falling in love, because: “You have the most beautiful moments together!”

Actually, long, brown hair is what she’s into. Accordingly, the reaction was when she saw Hanna for the first time: “Holy Shit, she has short hair, now I’m excited.”

Caro was not afraid of the TV adventure: “I was relatively relaxed, with an extremely high level of anticipation. I knew that we would have a great time and many magic moments.”

The second German "Princess Charming": From June 14, 18 other women will be fighting for Hanna Sökeland (28) in addition to Caro.

The second German “Princess Charming”: From June 14, 18 other women will fight for Hanna Sökeland (28) in addition to Caro. © RTL

Princess Charming 2022: “Young man, can you please leave the toilet?”

Caro was attacked as a teenager in a Leipzig karaoke bar.

Caro was attacked as a teenager in a Leipzig karaoke bar. © RTL

Before TV Germany, Caro Konrad would also like to make a statement against homophobia. Unfortunately, she can sing her own song about that.

Especially in public toilets, there are always unpleasant encounters because of their non-stereotypically feminine appearance. “It always hurts me that people don’t look at me, don’t look into my eyes and before they turn on their heads, they immediately use their mouths.”

She has been called a “young man” several times and advised to please leave the women’s toilet.

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In addition to these psychological attacks, there was also an unspeakable physical one. About twelve years ago she visited a Leipzig karaoke bar with her partner at the time, where she occasionally stood alone on stage with her back to the audience to read the text.

“Then someone came from behind and pulled my pants down in front of the assembled team. I was only standing there in my boxer shorts,” the 29-year-old describes the incident, which caused a shake of the head.

Caro wanted to confront the perpetrator. “At that moment I was punched in the face, I just fell over like a tree and only saw two kicks in the face.” After losing consciousness, she only regained consciousness in the hospital.

Carolin Konrad wants to set an example against homophobia and for strong women

The Leipzig native had the chance to become a professional handball player.

The Leipzig native had the chance to become a professional handball player. © Montage: Instagram/sagscaro

The trial against the man lasted about four years, he was silent, showed no remorse and never apologized. “But I don’t expect that either, because I know today that it had more to do with the man’s own dissatisfaction than with me.”

Although the perpetrator was in the bar with his identical twin, the attack could be proven by witness statements and a video.

The entrepreneur and investor also wants to set an example “that women are also able to take on management positions and fight their way to the top and not always make themselves small. Every woman can do much more than she proves in everyday life. “

Her appeal: “Come out of yourselves, make fewer emotional decisions, but believe in what you want from the bottom of your heart.”

She also wants to focus on the still little researched disease endometriosis, in which the uterine mucosa is outside the uterus and from which she herself suffers, because: “Cysts and benign tumors can develop.” The disease triggers massive pain, including her: “When I have my period, I feel like I’m in labour.”

Many doctors label the symptoms as menstrual problems and do nothing further, reports the 29-year-old, who also explains the disease in detail speaks on her Instagram profile.

Princess Charming 2022: “I wanted to be a professional handball player”

Born in Rottweiler, she now sells water filters, is active on the stock exchange and invests in cryptocurrency and medical cannabis, which in liquid form (CBD oil) also helps with her endometriosis symptoms.

Before she started her own business, she went to a sports boarding school at the age of 15 and was accepted by the traditional handball Bundesliga team HC Leipzig, after having previously trained at Frisch Auf Göppingen: “I was aiming for a professional handball career!”

Because Caro saw no future as a handball player due to the low earnings prospects and the high risk of injury, she chose a different career path, but stayed in the trade fair city.

She certainly wants to stay with “Princess Charming” for a long time. The sneak peek at least shows that there is a kiss between her and Hanna. We are excited!

The first 17 minutes of “Princess Charming” 2022 in the sneak peek

The 2nd season “Princess Charming” starts on June 14th. Every Tuesday there’s at RTL+ a total of ten episodes, later also on free TV on VOX.

Cover photo: Montage: RTL

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