Lionel Messi will start despite the inconvenience (Photo: @Argentina)
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This Saturday will be a day of great tension. The Argentine national team will face Mexico in search of a victory that will allow them to correct their course in the World Cup Qatar 2022 after the tough defeat against Saudi Arabia on the first date. The situation is complex and There’s no margin of error: One more fall will eliminate the Albiceleste.

That is why lionel scaloni He does not stop analyzing the options for Saturday’s game, which will begin at 4:00 p.m. (Argentina time). The fall on Tuesday set off the alarms. The 36 undefeated games remained in history. Uncertainty gained ground and, as for the team, certain changes are outlined.

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As a first important fact, it must be taken into account that Lionel Messidespite the fact that he again felt discomfort in the soleus muscle of his left leg, will start against the Mexicans. Of that there is no doubteven beyond the fact that in training this Thursday had to do kinesiology and only later did he join the group work on campus. The rosarino crack will not miss it for anything.

Lionel Messi will start despite the inconvenience (Photo: @Argentina)

In this Thursday’s essay, some of the ideas that the coach has in his head regarding training began to be outlined. Defense is under scrutiny and there could be more than one variant. Although changes are in sight in almost all lines, the fund was left in the center of the scene due to the performance against Saudi Arabia.

Gonzalo Montiel seems to have won the position Nahuel Molina, who started against Saudi Arabia. Regarding the central defense, the doubt arises among Cuti Romero and Lisandro Martinez. In practice they played for a while each. Indeed, nothing is defined in that sense.

There are no certainties on the left wing either. Nicolas Tagliafico He was from the start against the Saudis, but Marcos Acunawho replaced him, could keep that position for the key match against Mexico.

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Already in the midfield, the Papu Gómez has one foot out of the team. Scaloni would give the position to Enzo Fernandez, who comes from a great season at Benfica. The one who is also in doubt -although not as much as the rest- is angel di maria. If the DT of the Selection is inclined to remove it, the one that would enter is Julian Alvarez.

What does Lionel Messi have and why did he do kinesiology in training

This Thursday morning Messi he did kinesiology for a long time and set off the alarms in the property of the Argentine National Team in Qatar. Anyway, his presence in the match against Mexico, for the second date of the World Cup, there is no doubt.

(Photo: Videolab TN).
(Photo: Videolab TN).

As he could confirm TN In Qatar, on the 10th he passed through the stretchers of the National Team teachers and minutes later he trained alongside all his teammates. The positive thing is that he has a few hours to calm down this annoyance and reach the clash against the Mexicans with more comfort.

What is the soleus, the muscle that bothers Lionel Messi

  • The soleus is a long muscle that makes up the triceps surae and which, according to anatomy, originates at knee level and goes towards the heel of the foot, to insert into a tendon next to the gastrocnemius that is also part of the main muscle. So together they make a movement of the area where they are inserted.
  • The soleus is located at the back of the leg, in the area known as the calf. Regarding the anatomical region, these tissues are located in the deep plane, which is why they are close to the bones and also to the twins that are located above and are superficial.

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