Scandal: Boca gave gifts to the referee and Always Ready denounced bribes

The episode took on greater significance due to the bad penalty sanctioned in favor of Boca in the first half, which made possible the winning goal scored by Eduardo “Toto” Salvio.

“The police entered with permission and in the presence of the referees to verify that there were a lot of gifts from Boca in the locker room. I ask myself if it is allowed to give gifts to a referee. If Conmebol does not sanction the referee (Kevin Ortega), is being an accomplice”warned Coast in dialogue with Radio Miter.


the owner of alwaysreadyson of the president of the Bolivian Football Federation (FBF), Ferdinand Costawarned that with that courtesy “Conmebol regulations are being violated”something that was relativized by the Colombian Jorge Bermudezmember of the football council from Mouth.

“We have nothing against Boca, the problem is that the referees have received gifts and a responsible investigation will have to define it. I feel harmed and the Conmebol regulations have been violated”insisted the Bolivian leader.


Bermudezfor his part, asked talk about serious and important thingsconsulted about the suspicions raised by the gifts for the arbitration quartet. “Since we are in Boca, as a Council, in each game we have the courtesy and delicacy of giving a present to the refereeing body. There are witnesses”told the channel ESPN.

The “Patron” considered that Ortega had a normal performance and did not recognize any “anomalous situation” in the sanction of the penalty for the alleged foul of the goalkeeper Arnaldo Gimendez on sage 36 minutes into the first half.

“We have never characterized ourselves by talking about details. The penalty play is difficult, the goalkeeper comes out quickly, collides with the player and the ball. Going out to point out a referee without VAR is unfair. It seemed like normal refereeing to me”said the former central marker.

With the victory in bolivia, Mouth placed second in the Group E with 6 units, behind the leader Corinthians (7), which he will receive next Tuesday the 17th on the penultimate date. Deportivo Cali from Colombiahis rival on the last day at La Bombonera, is third with 5 points and alwaysready close the zone with 4.

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