Scandal in the Senate because two senators fought for the same bench

The session in the Senate began this Thursday with a scandal involving two senators who, as was initially suggested, wanted to occupy the same bench to participate in the debate. The situation occurred precisely in a session in which the head of the body, Cristina Kirchner, was not present, because she was in charge of the Executive Power before Alberto Fernández’s trip to Europe.

In her place is Claudia Ledesma Abdala, from Santiago, who holds the position of provisional president of the Senate and is responsible for leading the session in these cases.

The senator of the Frente de Todos Anabel Fernández Sagasti was the one who asked for a matter of privilege to refer to the issue and without giving names began to relate the situation. As she said she, when one of the senators got up to raise the flag, another colleague sat down in her place. That is to say that when he returned to sit on his bench, it was already occupied, which generated the immediate stir.

The original “owner” of the bench is Senator Clara Vega, of the Hay Futuro monobloc from La Rioja, while the alleged “usurper” was the referent of San Luis Gabriela González Riollo, from Together for Change. The account of the situation generated shouts and exchanges of accusations between legislators from all sectors, who took sides with one of the two involved.

“I find it embarrassing that these circumstances occur in the Senate, and that a senator rises to raise the flag, and that another senator goes and sits in the same place. I ask the bench to resolve this situation with dialogue, respect and decorum. It’s a piece of paper for the entire Senate,” Fernández Sagasti warned and continued: “What’s next, that they occupy our offices at night?”

Given the account of the situation, Senator González Riollo took the hint and asked to respond to the accusation.

“In this Senate I agree that there has to be dialogue and maintain good practices. It did not happen prior to the session. It was not like that that the senator got up to raise the flag and took her seat. I feel offended where the truth where the benches are occupied or where the offices are robbed at night,” said the San Luis.

Later it was the turn of the alleged victim, Clara Vega. The woman from La Rioja spoke out against the Together for Change bench, to “those who have the singing voice of this block”.

“I want to make this claim before the bench against JxC who from December 29 began constant harassment against me. Those who ask for respect today, those who say today that their word is not respected, are the same ones who harassed me before entering this room and those who were in January and February and spend more hours sitting on television channels than on these benches,” he continued.

According to Vega, the first days of March “I received a call from people from the bench asking for my place in this place, and I tell them why they don’t respect my decision to have my monobloc and they respect my place. The distribution of the seats that she did arbitrarily, is at her own expense, and that the senator does not feel offended “.

“So that everyone knows the level with which this bench considers women, here it is not about Clara Vega“Insisted the senator, who also denounced that there were attacks and ridicule when comparing her last name with the one that identifies Zorro, Don Diego de la Vega.


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