Scarlett Camberos is suspended for pulling a rival's hair;  'It doesn't happen again,' says player

CDMX.- After revealing the video in which it is seen that Scarlett Camberos pulling hair to Daniela Arias from Women’s Pachuca, The América Femenil soccer player pointed out that it will not happen again, but she faces a suspension.

Through his Twitter account, Scarlett Camberos He accepted that his action was not correct, assuring that he reacted without thinking about the aggression towards Daniela Arias.

I’m ready to take any consequence. I keep learning and improving, it won’t happen again”, detailed Camberos.

After his action, The Disciplinary Commission announced that Scarlett Camberos, a soccer player for América Femenil, is suspended for a matchpointing out that they decided to “sanction the violent behavior of a player that the Referee and/or Commissioner had not noticed”, adding that they are sure that it occurred in the match.

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With a score of 2-1, Women’s America fell before Women’s Pachuca in the first leg of the quarterfinals of Mx Women’s Leagueso they must win the second leg to reach the semi-finals.

The return duel between Women’s America Y Women’s Pachuca in the quarterfinals it will be this Sunday, May 8 at 12:00 noon at the Azteca Stadium.

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