Wild dog attack: abandoning pets causes packs

The radical legislator Federico Sciurano raised the growing problem of feral dogs in the Province and stated that “we carry out three report requests linked to the application of Law for the control of feral dogs, twice in 2021 and again in March 2022but we did not get an answer”.

Wild dog attack: abandoning pets causes packs

Sciurano explained that: “we are particularly interested in having the details of the progress of the Program of Dog Population Management established in Provincial Law No. 1,146 and in its Regulatory Decree 1780/17, detailing -among other things- the execution of the set budget”.

He also pointed out, “the request for a report includes know the number of predatory dogs in the rural area; loose dog index in urban areas; results of the control of possessions in rural areas; and results of scheduled biannual evaluations.

“We understand that it is fundamental for him productive sector and for the health of the population be able to contain the situation of the packs that harass wildlife and livestock in the north and center of the provincea, and that represent a potential danger to society with a huge impact on productive activity”, said the radical referent.

Finally, the Legislator recalled that “since the radical blockin 2017, the legislator (MC) Oscar Rubinos, presented a project that was approved and generated a Law to contain what has been happening in rural areas for years, which is very worrying”.

“It is a tool that has a budget allocated for the evaluation and management of the situation, which is why we need the information to know what is going on and the best way to address it.”

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