TOWN.  Investigated for sexual abuse (Photo: Boca).

Sebastian Villa He must declare as a defendant in the case against him for sexual abuse next Thursday, June 30, after the first summons was postponed to allow him to travel with the “Xeneize” delegation to play the Copa Libertadores.

The Boca footballer was supposed to appear on Friday the 24th, but his defense asked to change the date because he has a match (against Union) and on the 28th and 29th he will be in Brazil for a Copa Libertadores match against Corinthians.

Previously, the striker had been authorized by the guarantee court to leave the country to play next Tuesday the game in San Pablo.

More details of the investigation against Sebastián Villa

The prosecutor also requested a time and date for a psychological report with psychodiagnosis to be carried out on Villa, as part of the evidence demanded by the judge of Guarantees of San Martín Javier Maffucci Moore when he rejected a request for the Colombian’s arrest.

On the 7th of this month, the prosecutor had requested the arrest of the scorer, considering that there is a danger of escape due to the expectation of a sentence for the crime he is accused of, from 6 to 15 years in prison, not subject to release from prison.

TOWN. Investigated for sexual abuse (Photo: Boca).

However, this request was rejected by the judge, who considered that the victim’s statement is not sufficient evidence to imprison him and suggested to prosecutor González to deepen the investigation.

The complaint against Villa was filed in writing on May 13 at UFI 3 in Esteban Echeverría and three days later the complainant ratified it in person at the prosecutor’s office.

The complaint against Sebastián Villa

The victim stated that the incident It happened on the night of June 26, 2021 in the country “Venado II” of the Buenos Aires town of Canning, where the soccer player lived, and after a barbecue in which other players from the Xeneize squad had participated.

According to the complaint, Villa had consumed “a lot of alcohol” and began to reproach him for suspecting that he liked them or that he had been with other players on the campus.

After having a strong discussion, both left the place and went to the soccer player’s house together with a security employee and a friend of the player, and, there, according to what he said, Villa locked her in a room, sexually abused her and tried to suffocate her..

This is not the only criminal case involving Villa, since the Boca striker will undergo a trial between September 19 and 21 in another file that his ex-partner initiated for the injuries and threats suffered in April 2020 in the house they shared in the Buenos Aires town of Canning.

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