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Sebastián Villa was denounced for gender violence, sexual abuse and attempted murder

The complaint against soccer player Sebastián Villa for sexual abuse and attempted murder

Football player Sebastian Villa he is once again legally complicated: he was denounced for gender-based violence, sexual abuse and attempted murder. The alleged victim filed the complaint in the courts of Lomas de Zamora for an episode that occurred on June 26, 2021in a house in a closed neighborhood of Ezeiza, close to the soccer player’s home, to be part of a barbecue where several teammates from the Boca Juniors squad were.

the complainant, what defined Villa as a violent and aggressive person, He maintained that the Colombian player had ingested a large amount of alcohol, that he sexually abused her and that later a situation of attempted homicide was generated. “I thought he intended to kill me,” said the victim in her presentation, to which she had access THE NATION.

“This is part of an attempted murder”, assured the lawyer Roberto Castillo to the TyC Sports channel. And he added: “She is a girl who arrived for having suffered sexual abuse, injuries (which in my opinion are serious) and conduct that we understand could be framed as an attempted homicide as a result of drowning her with the aim of sexually abusing her. She is a girl who was very scared this year.”

“He even had many communications from the environment of the person we denounced. He considers that giving publicity to his complaint somehow protects it. If he did not initiate criminal action before, it was out of fear. He wants to close this nightmare and seek reparation and justice in the courts of Lomas de Zamora, “continued the lawyer, who expanded:” We understand that the story is quite explicit. I am in contact with the Lomas courts to see which prosecutor’s office is involved. We have audio materials that were impossible to carry because of the weight. And videos and photos that support the extremes that she invokes in her complaint. And he ended with a blunt sentence: “There is plenty of evidence to even reach a conviction: it is an extremely serious crime that has to be repaired with the victim.”

The complaint against soccer player Sebastián Villa for sexual abuse and attempted murder
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