Security in Chihuahua: They arrest an alleged cousin of 'El Chueco' with weapons and marijuana

Security in Chihuahua is on edge due to the intense operations to capture “The Twisty”alleged murderer of two priests, and the State Prosecutor’s Office reported the capture of two men, one of them a cousin of Jose Noriel Portillo Gil.

The arrested persons were identified as Humberto and Cesar Ivan Portillo, presumed cousin of “The Chuco”.

The arrest of the men occurred in a gap in the dirt road of the Cuiteco branch in the municipality of Urique.

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Security in Chihuahua: They arrest a cousin of “El Chuco” with weapons and drugs

The arrest of César Iván Portillo was after a security deployment by state police, Sedena and the National Guard.

The detainees had in their position two long weapons, a short weapon and drugs. The long guns are caliber .223, the short gun is caliber .45, in addition to 10 portions of a white powder similar to cocaine and 5 packages of dry, green and fragrant herb, characteristic of marijuana.

(With information from El Universal and El Diario)

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