Security in Chihuahua: they offer $500 thousand for 'El Chueco', alleged murderer of priests

After the lack of security in Chihuahua in the Sierra Tarahumara where two Jesuit priests were murdered, the State Prosecutor’s Office offered a reward for Jose Noriel Portillo Gil, alias “The Twisty”, alleged perpetrator of the double crime and who already had an arrest warrant for another homicide committed in 2018.

The State Prosecutor’s Office released the face of “The Twisty” through a poster offering a reward of 5 million pesos for his capture.

The man is charged with the crimes of homicide, organized crime; although the search for him intensified after last Monday he murdered two Jesuit priests in the Cerocahui community, in the municipality of Urique. The bodies of both have not been located.

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Security in Chihuahua: Operations are deployed without results

Adding two days of operations by the state and federal governments, they have not obtained any results, neither the capture of the alleged murderer nor the location of the bodies of the priests.

The Attorney of Chihuahua, Roberto Javier Fierro Duarte assured that they have obtained data that support the investigation.

“El Chueco” became a priority target just after the double crime, despite the fact that he is accused of having murdered the tourist on November 15, 2018 BraxtonAndrew.

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