Security in Chihuahua: Two priests and a civilian are murdered in a church

Safety in Chihuahua: An intense mobilization by various security elements originated after it was reported that two priests and a civilian were murdered in the church of the Cerocahui community.

According to, the events occurred in the municipality of Urique, Chihuehue, when neighbors in the area reported that a shooting attack had occurred in the community church.

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According to the reports of the authorities, it was officially reported that the attack occurred around 6 in the afternoon, when to 911 Three people were reported murdered inside a church.

This caused elements of several security corporations The community will be mobilized to support the town police in the events.

There, minutes later, revealed that the attack It apparently happened when a person was being chased by armed men and in an attempt to save himself, he entered the church to take refuge.

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Unfortunately, the fleeing man managed to be reached by the aggressorswho also entered the temple and regardless of the fact that two priests were there, began to shoot at them at close range.

Arriving paramedics to the area, They confirmed the death of the two priests and the civilian, since neither showed vital signs.

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For its part, municipal and state authoritiescondemned the events stating that they thoroughly investigate how the events occurred to find those responsible.

After making himself known, the crime, Father Hernan Quezadaa member of the government team of the Jesuits in Mexico, reported that the two assassinated priests were named: Javier Campos Morales and Joaquín César Mora Salazar.


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