Security in Sinaloa: Tortilla delivery man is killed on his way to work

Sinaloa.- Security elements in Sinaloa they investigate the murder of a man who was dedicated to distributing tortillas.

The events were recorded this Saturday morning when Brian, 28 years old, he was going to a tortilla shop located in the neighborhood Infonavit Las Flores, in the state of Culiacan.

According to local media The Sun of Culiacan, The man was about to arrive at the establishment where he worked when two men on a motorcycle intercepted him and shot at least twice.

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Security in Sinaloa: Brian was going to distribute tortillas as he does every day when men shoot him dead. (Photo: Discussion).

Security in Sinaloa: Man dies on the way to the hospital

Immediately, neighbors alerted the 911 Emergency System by firearm detonations.

Leaving their homes, they found Brian in a pool of blood, while the attackers fled the scene.

Although paramedics arrived at the scene and the man was still alive, he died on the way to the hospital due to the severity of his injuries.

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Homicides in Mexico

In 2021, 33 thousand 308 were committed intentional homicides on Mexicomany of them attributed to the struggle between organized crime groups seeking control over the movement and sale of drugs.

The two most dominant criminal groups in the country, due to their territorial presence in most of Mexico and abroad, are the Sinaloa Cartel and the Sign from Jalisco New Generation. There are other groups with a regional presence such as the Northeast Cartel, Los Zetas, Gulf Cartel, Beltrán Leyva, Arellano Félix, La Familia Michoacana, Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, La Unión Tepito, Anti-Union Force and United Warriors.

However, there are divisions that have managed to form even more criminal groups, but that operate in smaller territories, although with the same danger as any other cartel. All these groups have encouraged not only the increase in intentional homicides, but also the crimes of kidnapping, extortion and smuggling.

Twelve of these small criminal groups were born during the government of the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador according to a study of Economic Research and Teaching Center.

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