New Brazilian identification document.  (Photo: Reproduction/Federal Government)
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New document will only bring the CPF number, abandoning the RG; document transition will be done gradually

New Brazilian identification document. (Photo: Reproduction/Federal Government)

Cefic (Federal Executive Chamber for Citizen Identification) published this Thursday (17) rules for filling out and printing the new CIN (National Identity Card). The rules are described in a resolution approved on September 29.Campo Grande News - Real ContentCampo Grande News - Real Content

The document was established in accordance with Decree No. 10,977 of 2022. The new identity card will adopt the registration number in the CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registry) as a general record, abandoning the old RG number. the new version will obey a standard adopted throughout the country, making it impossible for citizens to have an identification document in each state.

The measure is an initiative to combat fraud provided by the old system.

The federal government has already announced that the exchange of the old version of the RG for the new CIN will take place gradually. In short, citizens will have a long time to make the definitive transition, so the estimate indicates that the vast majority of Brazilians will already have the document updated in the coming years.

People from zero to 12 years old must update the document in up to five years; from 13 to 59 years old, in 10 years; and from 60 years old, the time is indefinite.

Rules – According to the regulation, the document must bear the name of the state in which it was issued and the respective Secretariat of Public Security or identification service. The CIN must also include the name of the citizen and social name, if any, in addition to data such as CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registration), gender, date of birth, nationality, place of birth and expiration date.

According to the norm, CIN must also register the holder’s signature, which is optional in case of illiteracy, disability or momentary loss of function. In addition, name of mother and father, issuing body, place and issue. The State Code must be below the QR Code and aims to define the identification point for CIN logistics purposes.

The rules established for the Card follow the International Civil Aviation Organization, which establishes international standards for issuing documents.

The new identity nationally unifies the CPF number as a general identification record. The document comes with a QR Code that can be read by any suitable device, such as a smartphone – which will allow electronic validation of its authenticity, as well as knowing if it was stolen or lost.

This new version of the identification document will also serve as a travel document, due to the inclusion of an international standard code called MRZ, the same used in passports.

So far, however, Brazil only has agreements for the use of identity documents at immigration posts with Mercosur countries. For other countries, the passport remains mandatory.

The new RG will be valid for 10 years for people up to 60 years old. For those over 60 years of age, the old RG will continue to be valid indefinitely.

With information from Agência Brasil.

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