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Seinen Anime: The 10 best for you to watch as soon as possible

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)

Anyone who likes the anime world must have heard of shounen anime, the most famous style in this universe, but what many don’t know is that there is another very interesting and attractive style, seinen.

This is a genre more geared towards an adult audience and has more mature content, with more violent scenes, and is often suitable for people over 18.

So, for you to know more about the style and venture into this type of anime, we brought you the 10 best seinen anime based on the reviews of ranker. Check out!

10. One-Punch Man

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

This is one of the best known seinen anime to this day and has become popular all over the world in the hands of author Yusuke Murata, who managed to take this story to many generations.

The anime became very famous for its satire on classic superheroes and featured great fight scenes that marked the universe of Japanese animations.

9. Psycho-Pass

(Source: Fuji/Disclosure)(Source: Fuji/Disclosure)Source: Fuji

For those who prefer a psychological thriller with a touch of cyberpunk culture, this is the perfect seinen anime indication. She uses great references from this universe for the production, such as the work of Ridley Scott, Blade Runner.

The story follows a dystopia in which a tyrannical government controls the population through an analyzer of the criminal probability of each and is quite attractive.

8. Code Geass

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

Studio Sunrise also achieved great success in the world of seinen, the anime Code Geasswhich takes place in Japan in the midst of a historical revolution within a science fiction universe.

The biggest highlight of this production goes to the construction of the characters throughout the episodes, in addition to, of course, the captivating fights that marked the history of Japanese animations.

7. Cowboy Bebop

(Source: Netflix/Disclosure)Source: Netflix

One of the most recent hits in the seinen world and newly adapted by the streaming platform Netflix, Cowboy Bebop is certainly one of the biggest highlights currently in this genre.

Plus, Spike and his team in the dystopian future in search of rewards can hook anyone with an interest in the genre.

6. Samurai Champloo

(Source: Fuji TV/Disclosure)Source: Fuji

A classic within the seinen anime genre and from the same director of Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo is highly influenced by the hip-hop culture linked to the traditions of the Japanese nation.

Thus, we follow the protagonists Jin and Mugen on their adventures as Fuu’s hired hands. The story manages to bring very similar points, but at the same time very different from the other animation of the director.

5. Parasite

(Source: NTV/Disclosure)Source: NTV

One of the biggest hits of the seinen genre and production based on the work of author Hitoshi Iwaaki, Parasite gets its name because it accompanies a teenager who is being parasitized by an alien.

So, going through human tendencies to bizarre fights with the creature, this anime is perfect for those who enjoy the genre and want a good story.

4. Steins;Gate

(Source: Funimation/Disclosure)Source: funimation

A 2010s classic and based on a video game of the same name, Steins;Gate could not be left out of this list and is a work of science fiction with a touch of psychological drama.

The story is very intimate and manages to hold anyone who watches it by delving into very human issues in the characters, in addition to having a good twist at the end.

3. Monster

(Source: NTV/Disclosure)Source: NTV

Writer Naoki Urasawa’s greatest success, monster is easily a work that would make a good live-action production, as it has great moments that hold everyone’s attention.

The story revolves around a crime drama in which a Japanese doctor begins to have his life terrified after one of his former patients becomes a national assassin.

2. Vinland Saga

(Source: NHK/Disclosure)Source: NHK

Although the year 2019 was marked by great shounen, such as Demon Slayer, Vinland Saga gained its recognition in the world of seinen anime, being one of the biggest of the time.

The plot follows the journey of Thorfinn in his quest for revenge and is a great choice for those who like bloody battles.

1. Berserk

(Source: Nippon/Disclosure)Source: Nippon

The first place couldn’t be from another anime, since berserk is the largest production of the seinen genre and the most famous, being written by the late author Kentaro Miura, one of the great names of Japanese manga.

In a captivating fantasy world, we see the story of Guts, Casca and company in their action-packed adventures, grand battles and mysterious twists.

Now that you know the best seinen anime stories, just start your marathon now!

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