Self-taught chef Alexandre Bella Ola celebrates the varied flavors of the African continent

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Will “mafé”, “ndolé” or “yassa” soon be as popular as sushi or pizza? In any case, these classics of Pan-African gastronomy seduce the taste buds well beyond the borders of the continent. Chef Alexandre Bella Ola, who has just signed his “Mafé, Yassa et Gombo”, his 3rd book dedicated to the cuisines of the continent, shares his essential recipes and his definition of Pan-African gastronomy.

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Menstrual precariousness: breaking the taboos around menstruation

Lack of information, prejudices or even expensive protection… The period of menstruation is difficult to manage for women and young girls. In Guinea, awareness-raising operations are carried out by associations with young people. They go to schools to discuss this often taboo subject with girls and boys.

170 elephants up for auction in Namibia

It is a protected species which tends to disappear, except in Namibia. Pachyderms are indeed too numerous in the country and have become a nuisance for the population. They destroy vegetable plots, gardens and houses. To regulate their number, the government decided to auction 170 elephants. A controversial decision because the species is protected by international conventions and their export is prohibited.

Libya inaugurates its very first skatepark in Tripoli

Apprentice skaters rush happily and at full speed on the ramps, to perform jumps and tricks in the Libyan capital. The first skatepark in the country’s history was built on the site of the former military academy of Muammar Gaddafi’s “Amazons”, the women who provided security for the dictator. In this country which remains undermined by chronic instability and violence since the fall of the Gaddafi regime, this event has aroused great enthusiasm, in particular on the part of young people who do not have access to many distractions.

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