Senate: official project opinion obtained for new pension moratorium

Leading the meeting, the president of the commission, the senator from the Frente de Todos, Juliana Di Tulio, affirmed that the ruling party is working to achieve “a fair pension system”. Currently, only “one out of every 10 women and 3 out of 10 men can retire,” she said, adding that the proposal seeks to “expand that possibility.”

“It is for a fair system, so that people can collect what they have contributed,” Di Tulio remarked, and maintained that the intention is “to correct all the defects” that the pension system has had with the successive economic crises since 1976.

In addition, he specified that the measure will have a fiscal cost “of 0.02% of GDP for this year, about 12,460 million pesos; and 0.3% of GDP for next year, around 184,844 million pesos.”

The numbers provided by Di Tullio were questioned by the vice president of the Commission, the Cordoban of Together for Change, Carmen Alvarez Riverowho considered that “it is an important amount of deficit on which Minister Guzmán has to feel an impact.”

In this sense, his colleague from the bench for the City of Buenos Aires, Guadalupe Tagliaferri, He asked that the project also be discussed in the Budget and Finance Committee and that the Minister of Economy be present at a future meeting “so that you can tell us how much this 0.02 and this 0.3% of GDP impacts on the agreement with the Fund.”

However, Di Tullio cut off any possibility of a Guzmán appearance before lawmakers by emphasizing that “The president of the Senate (Cristina Fernández de Kirchner) has the power to turn around the projects and this is the only turn she has: she is not going to go to the Budget.”

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One of the authors of the norm, the official senator Anabel Fernandez Sagasti, he declared for his part that “if we do not pass this law there will be a universe of 800 thousand people who will not be able to retire. The numbers have to close with the people inside. This project has to do with the genesis of the Front of All”.

In addition, he insisted that “you must begin to generate social security awareness, preventing them from beginning to calculate with contributions before they reach the age of majority and that this is not a custom for social security payment plans.”

Meanwhile, Senator Mariano Recalde, also co-author of the initiative, indicated that during the government of Mauricio Macri, only women benefited from a moratorium on pension debts and said that “it is a setback” and the current number of people eligible to retire is “unfair.”

The main points of the project

The rule will allow the regularization of missing periods of contributions until December 2008, inclusive, with a method of payment in installments that will be deducted from the retirement credit and that, according to the number of years to be paid, will be 1, 30, 60 or 120 installments. .

According to estimates, in the remainder of 2022, approximately 500,000 people of retirement age could join the Social Security Debt Payment Unit contemplated in the regulation. In addition, another 300,000 would be able to join in 2023.

These are people who have not been able to adhere to the previous moratoriums due to the restrictions that they accumulated from 2016, as they explained.

According to official data, currently only one in ten women and three in ten men will be retiring this year with the required 30 years of contributions and the rest are forced to resort to the Puam, a benefit sanctioned during the government above and that grants 80% of the minimum credit.

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