Sergio Berni crossed paths with the carriers on the La Plata-Buenos Aires highway and issued a warning: "You have 5 minutes or I'll take the trucks"

He descended in a helicopter and advanced on the road with his dog “Bona” tied to a leash. “You have five minutes or I’ll kidnap the trucks,” The Buenos Aires Minister of Security warned them, sergio bernito the carriers who lead a cut on the Buenos Aires-La Plata highway to complain about the lack of diesel and causing traffic chaos since this morning.

After an exchange that took place in the middle of the road, the official who responds to Axel Kicillo He was emboldened and said: “You have five minutes, all the people who are passing here are workers. You have five minutes and I decided, a problem cannot be solved by generating another crime”.

While the man in charge of the cut claimed that they had no attention from the Minister of Transportation, although he did not specify if he was referring to the Nation, alexis warrior, or that of the Province, Jorge Donofrio -who showed up on the highway earlier-, Berni was immovable. “I did not come here with 500 police officers to discuss the issue of diesel, I’ll give you five minutes to decide what they’re going to do or I’ll take the stopped trucks. Do what you want, you have five minutes. And she started running now”, he indicated.

Later, already in dialogue with the media present at the scene, the minister confirmed that he had “intimidated” the truckers because they were committing a “crime” and, when asked how he would move the number of vehicles that were part of the protest, said: “They will be kidnapped, we will take them one by one… Argentina needs an order. I will finish taking them out tomorrow at 5 in the morning.”

On, Berni asked respect the rights of workers that they tried to cross that road and were unable to, in addition to specifying that they had a court order. “You make the proposal on the shoulder, you have five minutes, no proposal on the road”, he launched against the leader of the cut and added: “I am not threatening you, I am telling you what I am going to do. I’m going to take them into custody for the mess. You have three minutes left, skinny. Are you going to continue doing shows? Go and take out the trucks, hurry up, you have little time left”.

Always in the same position, the minister insisted that he would seize the trucks “one by one” and said that he arrived at that moment, around eight o’clock, because he was on his way to Junín when he found out what had happened through the Policeman. “We act when we have to act, there is a cut, I came and I am evicting,” he said.

Later he also said that his dog accompanies him in his routine. “She’s with me all day” he said about her, whom he tried to reassure on several occasions.

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