A few days ago, Berni also went with Bona to a UOCRA protest in La Plata.  (Photo: Telam)

The Buenos Aires Security Minister, Sergio Berni, went with his pet named Bona to the transporters protest for the shortage of diesel in commemoration of the fact that every June 22 the “World Take the Dog to Work Day”.

Bona is one german shepherd and, as Berni explained, his name is a diminutive of “bonaerense”referring to the district in which the official lives and works, in addition to the police force of that territory.

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During the demonstration, the minister was asked about the reason for taking the animal to the mobilization and assured: “She is my dog, She is with me all day and I take her everywhere”.

A few days ago, Berni also went with Bona to a UOCRA protest in La Plata. (Photo: Telam)

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Also, in an interview with radio The netwas asked if his dog bites, to which he replied, ironically: “There is no dog that does not look like its owner. For the tender, I say “.

world bring dog to work day

World Bring Your Dog to Work Day is celebrated every June 22. It is an initiative that emerged in the 90s in USA and aims encourage responsible animal ownershipboost sociability and increase employee performance.

Bringing pets to the workplace has multiple benefits for the employees, because with the mere fact of caressing them, it regulates blood pressure. According to experts, working with a dog around increases productivity and reduces stresswhile increasing creativity.

Also, this is beneficial considering that the adoption of animals grew, especially during the quarantine. Because of this, many people today they have the inconvenience of leaving their animals alone while they are at work.

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On the other hand, wearing them could have a economic benefit since, those who did it, would save costs of walkers or caregivers. In this sense, the fact that pets are close to their owners also influences the mood of the animals, because this causes them a state of happiness.

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