Gabriel Rubinstein

the brand new Economy Minister Sergio Massa would designate Gabriel Rubinstein as Secretary of Economic Programming and would play a key role in the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund. It could be a kind of deputy minister who will carry out economic policies.

Rubinstein worked with Roberto Lavagna as a representative of the Central Bank of the Argentine Republic in the period 2002 and 2005. In the private sector, he served as private consultant of Economy and Finance, with his firm GRA Consultora, which is requested by various sectors.

Gabriel Rubinstein will be the Deputy Minister of Economy of Sergio Massa (Infobae /)

What is urgent and important in Argentina is to end the fiscal imbalance, improve internal and external credibility (important from the political point of view) to strengthen reserves and maintain responsible indebtedness ”, the economist had written on his Twitter account last Monday, with Massa already chosen as successor to Silvina Batakis in Economics.

It’s not the first time Rubinstein He was close to the government of Alberto Fernández. In 2019, in the midst of the transition between Mauricio Macri and the current president Gabriel Nilsen He was one of the candidates to occupy the Ministry of Economy and he had the economist as one of the names to occupy a position within the portfolio.

Gabriel Rubinstein

Gabriel Rubinstein highlighted the measures that Sergio Massa must take at the head of Economy, days ago. (Twitter/@GabyRubinstein/)

The resignation of Darío Martínez and the expectation for his successor

On Thursday night, it was confirmed that Dario Martinez will leave his position in the Ministry of Energy, in the midst of the increases that are expected before the departure of the rate subsidies. Martínez promoted that the segmentation of the rates should be done by geolocation. The increases would be concentrated in those areas with the highest real estate valueother than what is raised by income.

Alberto Fernandez and Dario Martinez.

Alberto Fernandez and Dario Martinez. (Telam/)

Sergio Massa announced this Wednesday a series of changes on the implementation of the subsidy cut, which made Martínez decide to resign from the secretariat. Now him Undersecretary of Electric Energy, Federico Basualdo, could suffer the same fatedistancing Kirchnerism from Energy and where the Renovating Front will become strong.

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