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Sergio Massa summoned the ministers so that they know the "investment priorities and spending ceilings"

Sergio Massa 20220803

The Super Minister of Economy, Serge Massamade a “report of his first 48 hours” in the Government and summoned the ministers for this Tuesday so that they know the “investment priorities and spending ceilings” until the end of the year.

The head of the portfolios of Economy, Production and Agriculture reiterated that “there will be no more issuance for financing until the end of the year” and that on Monday they will begin refunds to the Central Bank.

Alliance Sergio Massa – Cristina Kirchner: secrets of “Plan M”

From his Twitter account, Sergio Massa reaffirmed the limits on the entry of personnel into the public administration.

He also spoke again about the rate segmentation: “Consumption caps are added to segmentation to promote resource savings and a more progressive system of subsidies. Those who consume less or have less income pay less, while those who consume more or have more income pay more”:

The Minister of Economy, Production and Agriculture, Sergio Massa.



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