Pablo Damian Grottini

Pablo Damian Grottiniis detained in a cell in the San Nicolás Department of the Buenos Aires Police, after being accused of killing his family: a his mother Teresita, his adoptive daughter Aylén, who lived with a developmental delay and his younger brother Germán. All three would have been killed in the same way: poisoned via serum in the hospital where they were hospitalized after feeling a strong discomfort.

Pablo Damián Grottini works in a funeral home and his brother, his daughter and his mother died in strange ways for Justice.

The prosecutor of the case Maria Belen Banos He requested preventive detention for Grottini for the crimes he is accused of. Meanwhile, a key study is expected in the investigation: the results of the toxicological examination of the mother’s body, with samples collected during her autopsyin which no signs of violence were found.

The test results are expected to arrive in mid-May. There, it will be possible to know if indeed Teresita Di Martino was injected with a drug that was not prescribed, and in what dosage.

if they meet drug traces on Teresita’s bodyGrottini’s lawyer, Ungrateful John, will request a psychiatric expertise. This examination may reveal the state of mental health of the accused, to know if he can be considered unassailable or not.

Pablo Damian Grottini

Pablo Damián Grottini is being investigated by the Justice after the suspicious death of his mother, his brother and his daughter.

What did Grottini say after being accused of being a serial killer?

In front of the public prosecutor Baños, Pablo Damian GrottiniHe gave his version of events without answering questions. he assured be innocent of killing his family.

He explained that his mother’s health problems began on Friday night when they were “at the table of his house”. He affirmed that Teresita felt a “chest pain” and it was put “Very nervous and very upset”. The defendant affirms that he took her to the San Felipe hospital and that his mother “They do some checkups, they place a line and they’re going to do a tomography.”

“There is a problem in the serum and a nurse is coming of plaid pants that tells him that he had covered himself, then this nurse twists the serum hose and injects him with something because he had not yet uncovered it, which this nurse then says ‘there it was uncovered’”, he explains, blaming the health personnel.

They accuse him of killing his mother, his brother and his daughter

Pablo Damian Grottini and his daughter

For its part, Grottini never mentioned what was an ampoule of a powerful drug that was not from the hospital doing in that place and that was the first suspicion against him.

About Aylen, his adopted daughter, He claimed that he was the victim of malpractice. From his brother Germán he did not speak: his body was cremated when he died.

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