More important than celebrating the WTA 250 title in Nottingham, the best ranking of the career, or another victory over a top 5, it is important to celebrate the maturity of Beatriz Haddad Maia.

The title would come sooner or later, as Bia was already showing a level of tennis high enough to win a WTA. Still, lifting the trophy this week in Nottingham, beating Alison Riske 6/4, 1/6 and 6/3 in the final, is good because it takes the weight off the Paulista’s shoulders and the expectation off her mind.

Winning another top 5, or in this case beating Greek Maria Sakkari again, is great. Undeniable. It is, in fact, Bia’s fifth consecutive victory over a top 5, a rare statistic that many of today’s best tennis players do not have in their curriculum.

Ranking is also important, of course. Bia approaches the top 30 and, with this week’s title, will likely be the seed at Wimbledon (not least because the Russians and Belarusians ahead of her won’t compete on grass in London), and that status opens up a bigger window of opportunity. in the slams.

Above all that, however, it is important to note that Bia was champion in Nottingham playing solid tennis, conscious, and without having to do anything spectacular. Calm down, readers. It’s not a criticism. When I say that Bia was the champion “without doing anything spectacular”, I am praising and not complaining. It is important to note that the Brazilian beat a top 5, won her first WTA final on grass and did so without playing at the limit.

Bia didn’t win because she had an extraordinary week or played the best tennis she could imagine. The paulista didn’t make 500 aces or 300 winners (like Ostapenko at Roland Garros). Bia won because she played consistent, smart and sober tennis. Bia was the champion because she knew how to manage the ups and downs. In the highs, she didn’t get too carried away. On the lows, she didn’t sink. She knew how to emotionally navigate the waves that normally appear over a week of matches very well.

Bia knew how to avoid both extremes, and that’s more than we can say for many of today’s elite tennis players. For that, she deserves a lot of praise for this week’s achievement. Yes, it would have been fantastic to win with 437 winners, but the Nottingham title, as it came, shows his technical, tactical and, above all, mental maturity. This, for me, is the biggest merit of the week.

Things I think I think:

– Negative point for ESPN, which did not show the Brazilian final. It is obviously understandable that the Disney group is investing heavily in Star+ and wants to attract as many subscribers to its streaming platform as possible, but having the option of showing the game of a Brazilian playing in a WTA final and not doing so is, for me, too small for a company the size of Disney.

– Still on this issue, the narrator Fernando Nardini made this thread on Twitter with great considerations. I understand, but as a consumer (and with access to Star+), I still disagree. It’s not a question of asking for so much more, but the scenario, in my view, asked for more. A rare final with a Brazilian. In this case, the first final by a Brazilian in a grass tournament since 1968. And that ended with a very rare title for a Brazilian in the WTA.

– Ringing and showing Bia’s games, at the moment, only increases the public’s interest in tennis. The Brazilian, historically, likes winners more than sports. So showing a champion ignites that flame. Increases interest. And who wins with this interest, up front, is the platform that has the rights to almost everything, that is, Star+. I have my doubts if not showing this Sunday’s final on ESPN (that is, on cable / closed TV) helps the Disney group’s cause in the sale of Star+.

– As I warned in the previous post, the texts will be shorter here in the coming days. I hope to get back to typing normally soon.

– Today’s sound on my Kuba Disco: One Step Ahead, by Jack Johnson, because never mind all the noise going through your head.

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