Seven candidates start the race for the Government

The official start of the electoral race in Mato Grosso do Sul was given. After the deadline for holding a party convention, the state has structured the scenario that should prevail until October when the candidates with the most votes become elected. Altogether seven names head the majority slates.

They are: former governor André Puccinelli (MDB) with Tania Garib as deputy, former mayor of Campo Grande Marquinhos Trad (PSD) with Viviane Orro, federal deputy Rose Modesto (União Brasil) with Alberto Schlatter, the former Secretary of State Eduardo Riedel (PSDB) with José Carlos Barbosa, state deputy Renan Contar (PRTB) with Humberto Figueiró, lawyer Giselle Marques (PT) with Abílio Vaneli and also lawyer Adonis Marcos (Psol) with Ilmo de Oliveira.

The candidates for the Senate are federal deputy Tereza Cristina (PP) in Riedel’s ticket, former Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta (União Brasil) in Rose’s ticket, former Federal Judge Odilon de Oliveira (PSD) in Marquinhos, university professor Tiago Botelho (PT) in the slate of Giselle, Anizio Tocchio (Psol) in the slate of Adonis and journalist Jeferson Bezerra (Agir). It is worth mentioning that all applications will be analyzed and approved by the Electoral Justice.

alliances – The MDB has not released a name for senator and comes out in pure slate with 25 candidates for state deputy and 9 for federal. União Brasil closed an alliance with Podemos with eight candidates for federal deputy and 20 for state.

The PSDB and Citizenship federation will have 9 candidates for the Federal Chamber and 25 for the Legislative Assembly and walks with PP, PL, Republican, PSB and PDT. The PSD has joined the Patriotas and will have 10 candidates for federal deputy and 20 for state.

The PTRB has joined Avante and the ticket will have 25 candidates for state deputy and 9 for federal. The PT, along with PCdoB and PV, also defined 10 candidates for federal deputy and 20 for state deputy. The Rede PSOL Federation also launched 9 candidates for the position of federal deputy and 25 for state deputy.

Calendar – From August 16th, electoral propaganda is allowed, including on the internet, in addition to holding rallies, use of sound equipment, distribution of graphic material with the number and name of the ballot box and the operation of campaign committees.

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