He bought a computer online, but what he got was a scam.

Ceciliaa woman who lives in Centenaryprovince of Neuquenlong ago decided buy your son a computer Free market in order to I could study comfortably. However, after making the transfer, which received was not what he ordered: a piece of durlock arrived.

Outraged, the woman from Neuquén spread what happened on Twitter and wrote: “I just got this piece of masonry instead of the compu that I bought by Mercado Libre. I made the claim for the page. Did it work for anyone or am I scammed?”.

After her publication, some users decided to help her, giving her tips for her next purchase and advice on where to complain. On the other hand, there was a rain of people commenting on similar experiences to which Cecilia lived.

He bought a computer online, but what he got was a scam. (Twitter/)

In dialogue with LM Neuquen, described the purchase process: “Everything was very normal, as with any purchase that one makes in Mercado Libre. We looked at several and found the right one for my son’s needs.”

In the midst of the Twitter debate, among users they came to the conclusion that the fault lay with the private seller and the employee of the private post office. Also, he confessed not paying enough attention to the merchant’s reputation.

my son needs it for workshop. His computer was old and broke recently. So we decided to give her a gift that would serve her finish high school and for next year he will start university”, described Cecilia.

Once the operation was finalized, Mercado Libre informed him that his order would arrive between June 14 and 16. However, a few hours later the seller contacted her to ask what product he wanted.

Then he remembered: “I told him that I had bought the notebook that was published on the page and he told me: ‘Well, it’s only because Mercado Libre asks us to have contact with the buyers.’ It seemed strange to me, but I have never had problems with the purchases I have made”.

The seller confirmed the delivery date, but On Friday, June 10, his order arrived and the Neuquén family suspected. When Cecilia grabbed the box felt emptysince he uses a computer every day, he knows what they weigh.

He bought a computer online, but what he got was a scam.

He bought a computer online, but what he got was a scam. (Twitter/)

Her husband suggested filming while they open the package so that there is a record that your claim is true and nothing has changed. “That’s what we did, we were together and when I opened it, that piece of durlock fell out,” she said.

In the package the unmistakable yellow bag was not there of the company. On the contrary, it had a black wrapper and a label on the outside with the description of the purchase.

Immediately, between anguish, desperation and anger, the woman made the claim on the Mercado Libre platform, sharing the photos and videos that I had as evidence. Likewise, She contacted the seller, who told her that the computer she bought had already been shipped.

Due to company protocols, the chat between the two was blocked after a few minutes while what happened is being investigated. In turn, they prevented the payment from reaching the man and his account was temporarily closed.

“If what the seller told me is true, he is as damaged as I am. we both lostCecilia confirmed. She then commented: “I did it in the midst of desperation, I wanted to see if Mercado Libre would answer me, I didn’t expect it to have the impact it did. There were many kind people who shared their experiences and recommended steps to take.”

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