She has uterine cancer and reveals the symptoms that every woman should know: "I thought it was stress"
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One woman thought she had lost more than 30 kg due to stress; however, she was devastated when doctors told her she had uterine cancer.

Ann Coates, 48, came to be praised by her friends, who constantly asked her about the “secret” behind her weight loss. she had passed from 134 kg to 102 in a period of nine months.

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“At first, everyone congratulated me and told me to share my secret.” said Ann, originally from Devon, in conversation with the outlet .

I didn’t realize how much I had lost until my clothes were so loose. I lost 40 kilograms from January to September, not knowing that it was because I was actually very sick. She wasn’t trying to lose weight, it just happened. I put it down to stress.”he added.

After losing weight, the woman felt severe pain in her abdomen. She was taken to a hospital and after a series of tests she was detected cancer in the uterus.

Expenses complicate your situation

In addition to the medical expenses that he must now face due to his diagnosis, assures to have a bad time due to the cold. Currently, in England the temperatures are low in the autumn, which has caused an increase in domestic heating.

Due to increased costs, his family created a campaign on the platformwhere Ann can receive money through donations.

His weight is 97 kilos, due to the chemotherapy processes he has undergone. Much of his discomfort is associated with the tumor located in his abdominal area, which prevents him from leading his life normally.

“The tumor is quite big, so when I stand in the bathroom, it’s like it’s too heavy and I have to hold it. My stomach swells up a lot too, so if you’re standing up, it’s like something is pulling you down. I hold it to make it easierhe explained.

Even though the chemotherapies leave her exhausted, Ann is grateful for the support of her family, who traveled from South Africa to accompany her.

As he recounted, when his hair began to fall out, her brothers and husband sat next to her to shave all together.

“They said they support me 100%. Even my ten-year-old nephew shaved his head to support his aunt. I feel that I am not alone in all this and that I have people who are by my side and support me. It really means a lot to me.” Coates concluded.

On the other hand, the woman shared a message that everyone should be aware of:I would advise everyone over the age of 40 to get a blood test and get checked out. Even the smallest thing can turn into cancer.”.

What is uterine cancer and what are its symptoms?

Uterine cancer is the cancer that occurs most frequently within a woman’s reproductive system, says the portal . It starts when healthy cells in the uterus change and grow out of control, forming a mass called a tumor.

A cancerous tumor is malignant, which means it can grow and spread to other parts of the body. A benign tumor can grow, but usually it will not spread to other parts of the body.

According to , cancer of the uterus can cause abnormal vaginal discharge or bleeding. Bleeding may be abnormal in amount or when it occurs, such as after you went through menopause and between periods. Bleeding is never normal after you stop menstruating. Uterine cancer can also cause other symptoms, such as pain or pressure in the pelvic area.

If you have abnormal vaginal bleeding, especially after menopause, see your doctor immediately. You should also see a doctor if you have any other signs or symptoms that last two weeks or more. The cause of all this may be something other than cancer, but the only way to know is to see your doctor.

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