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The late queen, II. In addition to Elizabeth, her mother, Queen Mother Elizabeth, was once one of the most popular members of the royal family. He died in March 2002, at the age of 101, but the British have still remembered him fondly ever since. His endless good humor was contagious, but to this day, very little is known about how he behaved behind the palace walls. A book about the queen was published at the beginning of November Do Let’s Have Another Drink!: The Dry Wit and Fizzy Life of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother with title.

As a royal historian explained, VI. King George’s wife never got tired of dresses with flower patterns, just as she was very fond of extravagant hats. He added that her style of dressing was particularly amusing. The author of the previously published volume, Gareth Russell, reported in more detail in an interview about what Queen Elizabeth was really like.

As Russell noted, the Queen liked to entertain those around her, as she was always involved in making a scene – only in a good way. According to the author’s explanation, he did not disdain alcohol either, he was a heavy drinker. Russell added that the most interesting thing is that despite this, there are few stories of the Queen being caught drinking or having difficulty speaking. According to the writer, this was due to his awareness of his limitations.

Russell pointed out that Queen Elizabeth had at least three drinks on a typical weekday: a cocktail before lunch, a drink at lunch, and one during dinner. However, when his royal duties required otherwise, he deviated from the usual schedule. By the way, the drinks were mostly served to him by his butler, William Tallon, who went by the nickname Backstairs Billy and worked for the Queen from 1960 to 2002. Tallon was homosexual and had been with another palace employee, Reginald Wilcock, for over thirty years.

His humor was unbeatable

As the writer recalled, Queen Elizabeth often used black humor – which is typical of most British people – and a story about her has become almost legendary. For on one occasion he heard Tallon and Wilcock bickering like women in the palace, when the queen sneaked up to them and remarked:

Would one of you two old queens mind if this old queen asked for a drink?

He told.

By the way, for the butlers queen he used an epithet, which in English slang is also used for gay men who behave effeminately, the queen alluded to this, but it would be difficult to translate the expression into the Hungarian language. Russell explained that the queen held Tallon in high esteem and often took homosexual people to her defense. By the way, this was very risky, since at that time homosexuality was considered illegal in Great Britain.

The writer highlighted: the queen’s heart was the tip of her eldest grandson, III. King Károly, whose rise he followed with pleasure. However, according to Russel, he probably would not have welcomed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to leave their royal duties behind.

At Prince Harry’s christening, he said he hopes the biggest lesson he and his brother will learn is to always put country first

Russell explained.

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