She returned from working in a nursing home and two men on a motorcycle shot her in the head: this is how criminals escaped

“They killed her for nothing”. So lamented the relatives of Clarissa Fariasthe 41-year-old woman who was killed with two shots to the head by two motojets who attacked her with the intention of stealing her belongings. The victim returned from work and was a few meters from her house, in the town of little turtles.

The murder occurred last Sunday morning, when Farías returned to his home after working in a nursing home. I was walking along Lima street at 800, in that town belonging to the district of Argentine Falklands, when she was approached by two suspects on a motorcycle with the intention of robbery. Farías would have tried to defend himself from her and it was there that the criminals fired two shots that hit her in the head.

This is how the men who killed Claudia Farías in Tortuguitas escaped

Cynthia, the first neighbor who found the victim lying on the asphalt, told LN+ what the woman was clinging to her backpack and that she was still alive. “The ambulance took 20 minutes to arrive”, She complained. Despite the fact that Farías was transferred to the Abate de Pablo Nogués hospital, she died a few hours later.

A woman killed by motorcycles in Tortuguitas. Brother-in-law’s testimony

The case is being investigated by prosecutor Gustavo Carracedo, from the Malvinas Argentinas Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) No. 20, and by the Departmental Investigation Delegation (DDI) of San Martín.

In the last hours, the prosecutor requested the judge of Guarantees of San Martín, Mariano Gramático, a search warrant. As a result of the procedure, an older man who had in his possession the alleged weapon used to kill the woman was arrestedin addition to a helmet, the motorcycle and the clothing with which it was recorded in a security camera in the area.

”It is being investigated if he was the author of the shots. Tomorrow he will be investigated for the crime of robbery homicide”, he told a judicial spokesman. Meanwhile, work continues to find the second suspect, he added.

A brother-in-law of Farías, identified as Martín, assured this morning to LN+ that for his family “it was a robbery”. “Why so much evil, so much viciousness? She was a working girl. Now there’s a broken family”, lamented the relative of the victim.

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